Alumina Ceramic Linings

Alumina ceramics used by Debar Ceramics maintain a high grade of 92% alumina content which is a highly versatile product with great wear resistance, mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical properties.

The ceramics can be manufactured and supplied into various dimensions and thickness, with common items including: Plain flat tiles, Weld-on tiles, Pre-engineered pipe tiles, Impact blocks, Pulley lagging tiles and Cylinders.

Key benefits:

  • Excellent wear and corrosion resistance
  • Longer life than that of traditional wear protection material
  • Minimizes shutdown time and maximizes productivity of plants

Hydro Cyclones

Debar supplies a wide range ceramic and silicon carbide lined dense medium cyclones and classifying cyclones. Our cyclones are supplied in a wide range of sizes and can be custom designed for unique applications.

Polyurethane Screen Panels

Our range of screen panels are lighter, cost effective and achieve a longer working life than standard panels. The screen panels can be manufactured to suit any application and operational requirements.

Silicon Carbide Linings

Silicon Carbide (SiC) supplied by Debar is a ceramic based product available in two forms, namely Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide (NSiC) and Reaction bonded Silicon Carbide (SiSiC).


Nitride bonded silicon carbide offers superior dimensional control and uniformity of properties wherever silicon cardibe is required. The Nitride bonded refractory materials share common features including an outstanding hot mechanical strength and a low pores size that confers a low permeability to gas as well as a superior infiltration resistance to molten metal and slag, and a low wettability. The excellent thermal shock characteristics of NSiC improves performance and saves customers operating costs. With reduced spalling and erosion, expect SiC to last longer than steel and rubber.


SISiC has excellent wear, impact and chemical resistance. The strength of SiSiC is almost 50% greater than that of most NSiC. It can be formed into a variety of shapes, including cones and sleeve shapes, as well as more complex engineered pieces designed for equipment involved in the processing of raw materials. Reaction bonded Silicon Carbide is suitable for the high abrasive, coarse particles, classification, concentration, dehydration and other operations.

Epoxy Wearing Compounds

We supply a wide range of adhesives and epoxy wearing compounds suitable for specialised applications, including but not limited to:

  • Tile adhesives
  • Epoxy wearing compound
  • Crusher backing

Pulley Lagging

Pulleys are lined with flat or dimple ceramic tiles or epoxy wearing compound as per client’s specifications and application requirements.

Basalt Linings

Cast basalt is one of the most frequently used wear protection materials in slurry or high wear sliding applications. It is widely used in Pneumatic and Hydraulic pipeline systems, Wet Chain Conveyor Systems, Hoppers, Feeder Conveyors, etc. Cast basalt is available in cylinder and tile form.

Key benefits:

  • Cast basalt lined surfaces remain smooth and low in friction when used over time, thereby offering the benefit of low caking.
  • Provides excellent protection against the following abrasive media: ore, ash, slag, sand, coal and clinker.

Additional Services

We Offer:

  • We have team members who have vast amounts of knowledge when it comes to the Floatation and the Metallurgical sides of various plants. We are always available to assist and to give the necessary advice where required in this regard.
  • Debar has recently been involved in the services of mobile coal crushing and sizing.
  • We have also been involved with the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Eskom in testing bird and wildlife mitigation products to be installed on power lines.