Supply & Installation of (ALUMINA) Ceramic Linings

Flat lining of chutes, under-pans, sumps, tanks, launders, and various other surfaces:

  • Qualified tiling teams – on-site and workshop-based at our branch in Alrode.
  • Cost-effective maintenance contracts for on-site maintenance/tiling.

Standard ceramic tiles:

  • Debar Ceramics supplies and uses only high-grade tiles containing no less than 92% aluminium oxide (alumina) in a range of dimensions and thicknesses.

Pipe lining:

  • Cylinders and pre-engineered pipe tiles, as well as unique, interlocking ceramic pipe tiles for applications requiring a specific arrangement and structural integrity.

Supply & Installation of Impact-Resistant Liners

Chromium-carbide (CrC) overlay liners.

  • Various thicknesses and hardnesses are available in various shapes and sizes.

Hardox/VRN liners.

Composite liners:

  • Wafer liners
  • Ceramic-embedded rubber linings

Rubber impact liners.

Supply & Installation of Uhmwpe Liners

Polyethylene Solidur liners with an ultra-high molecular weight are available in various thicknesses and compositions.

Hydro Cyclone Repair / Refurbishment

Quick turnaround times on cyclone repair/refurbishment. Ceramic and silicon-carbide components are available for cyclone lining for both new and refurbished cyclones.

Polyurethane Screen Panels

We are an official agent of Aury Africa products within the Limpopo province.

Steel Fabrication, Repairs/Refurbishment

Fabrication of chutes, under-pans, sumps, tanks, pipes, bends, etc.

Repair/refurbishment of worn steel components, e.g. chutes, under-pans, sumps, tanks, cyclones, etc. and the replacement of ceramic, steel, composite, rubber, SiC, and UHMWPE liners.

Epoxy Wearing Compounds

Tile adhesives.

Wearing compounds.

Crusher backing.

Rubber Lining

In-house or on-site rubber lining can be performed in tanks (including thickener tanks), sumps, chutes, pipes, etc.

Supply of rubber (elephant) hoses.

Pulley Lagging

Direct-bonded pulley lagging.

Rubber lagging:

  • Plain, diamond, or chevron cut.

Ceramic-embedded rubber lagging.


SiC and ceramic impellers for a wide range of pumps as available for water, slurry, etc.


Installation/erection and removal of chute work.

Blast & Plant Facilities

In-house blast and painting facilities at our works in Alrode.

Industrial Plant Cleaning Services

We provide industrial plant-cleaning services to industry.

Animal-Mitigating Products

Supply and installation FRP (fibreglass) grating boxes on all Eskom’s electrical poles, in partnership with the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

FRP Grating Boxes tested with the Endangered Wildlife Trust and the Eskom - Research, Testing and Development Centre.

Stockpile Maintenance (Bulk Material Handling) including Loading and Hauling

Please contact Debar Ceramics for more information.

Crushing & Screening (Plant Hire Services)

Please contact Debar Ceramics for more information.

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